Would be cool too if this life-sized Patlabor mech "stood up" in Singapore too, no? Spotted in Japan's city-streets, specifically in front of the Kichijōji railway station in Musashino, Tokyo, Japan. Thanks to the combined snappery of @T_SONOYAMA @hoshino_lily @SX1000 - we can all gawk along! And from the teasers & trailers shown thus far, it looks to be a fun film(s)!

"The Next Generation -Patlabor- (THE NEXT GENERATION - パトレイバー) is a series of Japanese live action science fiction films part of the Patlabor franchise. It will be divided into thirteen episodes separated into seven parts scheduled to be released in 2014 and 2015 and a final film scheduled to be released in spring 2015. All episodes except episode 0 will have a runtime of around 48 minutes" (Wiki)

Part 1: April 5, 2014
Part 2: May 31, 2014
Part 3: July 12, 2014
Part 4: August 30, 2014
Part 5: October 18, 2014
Part 6: November 29, 2014
Part 7: January 1, 2015
"…the feature-length film will open during Japan's Golden Week holidays in spring 2015, and it is expected to run about 100 minutes long." (reported Anime News Network)
Directed by Mamoru Oshii, and produced by Tohokushinsha Film, I had initially thought/assumed this would be a single 'live-action' feature film adaptation of the manga and anime with the same name haha. Nevertheless, check out their official website at patlabor-nextgeneration.com for detail-updates (in Japanese language tho), and as well stills I've since uploaded unto my dedicated PopcornX FB-album!

Here's hoping the DVD compilation would make it here to Singapore's stores somewhen! :)