What's Does The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-Lips Say?

Ever since the release of the first trailer for the Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (folks tend to gloss over who the film director is tho ;p), there has been an uneasy divide* between folks who look forward to seeing more, and folks who loathed the design of the turtles, specifically their "lips"!
"This is what happens when u give a non-fan of the show a movie to make.. Michael Bays turtles look like aged turtles going through a midlife crisis.." -commented Christian Rivera
"And why are the shells so high on their backs? And do we really need the coloured masks instead of classic red? It's not like it's difficult to tell them apart." -commented Vaughan James (read more commentary here on my FB)

A fan had even gone and photoshopped a mashup of the "new" turtle's body with their "noseless + lipless" facial of "earlier" classic TMNT folks remember, as reposted here (Spotted on Bad Ass Digest / Original images here on imgur.com), which reader Lisa Hansen mentioned as, "Looks so much better" - and I find it hard to disagree with her.

Alas, the show will go on, regardless, even without a "Cowabunga" … Hey, the toys seem to be done and nothing really could changed the course of the infamous turtles for now, can it? All I dare hope for now is to enjoy the ride, wherever it may take us … we still have the old(er) films and cartoons to sate our collective memories of ooze-irradiated turtles, no? Don't worry about the old skool designed toys tho, Kidrobot and The Loyal Subjects have our backs LOL

(Toy pic via Tabun)