Trailer 2 for MINIONS

"It’s 1968, and the Minions are headed to Villain-Con, the biggest gathering of evil anywhere. Here they meet Scarlett Overkill, first-ever female super villain voiced by Sandra Bullock. In Theaters July 10, 2015."

You know those MINION toys found in the discount bins at toy stores now? Toys folks were clamoring over at the height of their insane popularity? (Yes I blogged loads about them too muahahahaha) … Well, I figure they'd be ready for a comeback real soon, if the 2nd trailer has anything to do with it!

The first one had the back history of the yellow-skinned creatures traveling out of their homeland in search of the ultimate villain (before they settled on GRU from "Despicable Me"…), while this current trailer have them visiting VILLAINS CON? I'M SOLD ALREADY! LOL

And we get to hear Sandra Bullock voicing "Scarlet Overkill" this time, and it's gonna be hella fun! … I hope? … Well, a toy of Scarlet i don;t need, but I might be needing some of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob … hhhmmm