"You talkin' to me?" - FERG's CHIPP S005 [ORGANIZIZED] with Playge Drops June 15th for 24hr order window

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?" - I don't know about you folks, but FERG's new CHIPP S005 [ORGANIZIZED] with Playge sure looks a hecklot like a homage to "Travis Bickle" in Martin Scorsese's 1979 classic film "Taxi Driver", yeh? And THAT makes it even moreso desirable for me ….. @.@"

The release is scheduled for this coming Monday, June 15th @ 12:00 noon central time via store.projectsquadt.com, with a 24 Hour open order period. Price is US$95 (Includes worldwide shipping).
PRODUCT PRESS: "CHIPP S005 6" vinyl, cloth and ABS - Includes: Jacket, button up undershirt, .44 revolver, 2 sets of lenses, "We Are The Squadts" pin and removable helmet."

YOU decide … :)