PopcornX 2017 Blog Mascot Proposal

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I have been trying to come up with a mascot for this POPCORNX film-blog, when previous I had hoped to adopt an existing toy ... But the choices have been extremely limiting ... So maybe a drawn one?

Cue cliched walking-popcorn-box with hands and feet/shoes! The "final" design I had always come back to, was the one that looked like Marvel Comics X-Men's Cyclops' mask! URGH!

But I liked the faceless "X" aspect, and "he" could be anyone I draw him to be, from being a film's protagonist, to whatever I choose to draw him as hahaha all with deep fried brain popcorn nuggets! Muahahahaha ... Maybe in 2017 I should try harder, or make a toy out of this hhhmmm