Alicia Vikander Interview on “The Feed”

The new “Lara Croft” AKA Swedish actress Alicia Vikander sits with Marc Fennell of THE FEED to talk about avoiding touching her Oscar, what Brexit means for European actors, and how she once scored a role after pretending to speak Danish.

"…on a film set, you have a feeling that a group of people all believe jin something, and that working 14 hours a day, or more, 6 day a week, and being away from your family and friends, is actually worth it, and when you have that collective feeling that OMG feels like we are doing some good shit!"
Actress Alicia Vikander essentially hit the nail on the head of how I felt, or rather could not feel, in my decade’s tenure in the local film industry … save but for a sole film, which I have strong positive feelings in the making of, until now actually, a decade later too. Here’s hoping the local scene and industry spirit has “changed” for the “better” and more positive, since then.