Secret Base's Marshmallow Man X-Ray Black version & Full Black

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Remember the “Stay Puff” Marshmallow Man gigantic spirit in the classic “Ghostbusters” movie? the lovable chubby character has since been appropriated into a multiple of guises and merchandize through the years - Licensed and Non-licensed - and the latest (unofficial?) incarnation comes courtesy of Japanese toy-makers “Secret Base”, in two editions: Marshmallow Man X-Ray Black version and Marshmallow Man in Full Black colorway!

X-Ray Black version stands 10cm tall and is priced @ 4,104 YEN (US$36 / SG$51)
Full Black colorway stands 17.5cm tall and is priced at 9,990 YEN (US$89 / SG$125)

You can order these by emailing “”. Apparently these are not Made-in-Japan “sofubi”, but are instead “Made In China” vinyl collectibles :)