“No Good Deed” - That Pre-LOGAN “Deadpool2” Teaser, is now online!

”Wade and the other girls from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants plan a trip to Cabot Cove.” = NOT! The name of this short is “No Good Deed”, and it stars Ryan Reynold’s DEADPOOL in a sequence that was reported to have been a teaser playing before LOGAN the movie in the USA - which was NOT seen on Singapore screens (I was there all the way LOL) … but NOW? It’s online and not a “leaked” low-res version too! ... now, THAT version will be the one at the bottom of this post :p

Deadpool 2 Logan Teaser

*Love the “Nathan Summers Cumming Soon” (heh) scribbled on the door frame of the telephone booth (with “LOGAN” on the cinema marquee behind it :p) … and non-comicbook-reading folks should know that “Nathan Summers” was the actual name of “Cable” - which is reported to star in “Deadpool 2” - a time traveling character, who in an alternate future (*Alternate Facts?), was the son of “Scott Summers” (AKA “Cyclops” of the X-Men) and “Madelyne Pryor” (Jean Grey's clone) … ”Comicbooks” lor… LOL

"Some people are reporting that this isn’t the version they saw in theaters, which didn’t have a Stan Lee appearance and the phone call joke, among other things. This either means they’ve changed it since then, or have a slightly different version for online release." (Reported io9 / Source).