#AlienCovenant Pop!Vinyls from Funko for Spring 2017

FUNKO PRESS: ”Members of the colony ship Covenant are bound for a remote planet; when they arrive, the planet seems too good to be true! Little do they know…

From the upcoming film Alien: Covenant, David, Daniels, and the Xenomorph are now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment! Collect them all this spring! In addition, look for Oram with Face Hugger, only at Hot Topic, and Bloody Xenomorph, exclusively at GameStop!”
(Do check in with your fav retailers for availability & pricing).

And do not forget the previously featured (*SPOILER FOR FILM) “Neomorph w/ Toddler” … I’d never did watch the film in the cinemas, and had never truly planned to anyways, after the disappointing “Prometheus”, this was one Aliens-incarnation I’d rather not sully my impressions of the “Aliens”-license after all #sorrynotsorry :p … but then again, I will not deny myself if this hits TV screens eventually … which essentially would happen waaaaaay after I purchase the toys, innit? Heh.

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