#TwinPeaks: The Return Comes to SG Cable (July 9th on FOX)

#TwinPeaks Season 3 (known as “Twin Peaks: The Return”) is coming to SG screens from Sunday July 9th on FOX (StarHub cable), premiering at 1:30pm/12:30pm on a Sunday afternoon. The tv promos had mentioned that “Parts 1-8” will be available, so I’m wondering if it’ll be a “marathon” screening not that THAT was ever mentioned in any capacity :p) …

Apologies for the screen-snaps featured here, but I cannot seem to find any video promos for them online (except for the still featured up top from FOX ASIA FB), alas, so this’ll have to do for now :)

#TwinPeaks is coming to Singapore (cable) TV #iliketeevee

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(POSSIBLE) SPOILERS AHEAD: And while I’d initially given up watching any further episodes after #4 (Not too impressed, was I even though everyone else was fawning over it on the www :p), I’d since caught up with it over the past weekend (there was nothing else on, fhanks :p) and I’ve somewhat returned to “the fold”, and worship at the filmmaking feet of David Lynch have begun to enjoy the series … especially when things start to unravel by Episode #6-7 onwards, with some semblance of “answers revealed” - or rather the path toward “answers” have begun, ironically as the series neared it’s finale (*This season is only 8-episodes long) - and storylines moving decidedly forward and faster, while Episode #8 was a decidedly “return” to David Lynchian-magnificence with an atomic bomb explosion and creation of evil (my humble understanding, anyways…), and no doubt connected to the Black Lodge and it’s inhabitants, also seen in the opening episodes of the somewhat “supernatural” beings and circumstance in which Cooper “escaped” said Lodge and journeyed BACK to Earth…

Is TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN worth the wait+watch? I would be lying if I said “yes” - as much a "fan" I was of the OG series - but if you do go thru with it, throw away all expectations (but you’ll be seeing tons of folks from the early season, no worries :p) of what you currently see on television, steady your patience to watch past Episode 4, and you might make it til the end, of a beginning no doubt to come next in Season 4.

Although I wonder how much of the adult (partial) nudity and gore will make it on screens here … broadcasting at 12/1+pm in the afternoon are not exactly “prime time” too tho, so maybe that might work.

As YOU looking forward to watching TWIN PEAKS - if you already have not? :)


Told you I was a fan... :)