This Day on July 15, 2017. Today A Change...

"For a good short moment today, I broke down in tears, a few minutes in of watching Wonder Woman ... the disappointed feeling of not seeing this on the big screen, was too heavy a notion to bear for a moment ... A fictional Amazonian princess had reminded me of my current state of lack, where before I had taken the simple luxury for granted ... and even more ironic when i realised my film-blog is getting more eyeballs than my main-blog (over the weekend anyways :p) ... maybe I am too stubborn to see the "www-signs"?

But no, I am not surprised. My efforts have been paying off.

Not asking for advice, or looking for a pity-party here ... just sharing with you all my Saturday night thoughts, thanks :)

But daymn, Wonder Woman was Wonderful!!!"
Faq yeah, I'm quoting myself here, get over it! LOL

I Facebooked the above today(ish) a year ago on July 15th, 2017. "Interesting" how things change in a year... or in a finger-snap (go ask Thanos in "Infinity War" :p), for that matter!

Quite coincidentally (#truestory) I was actually thinking about the "direction" of POPCORNX the blog this very morning (before logging unto the www, yes times like that still do exist in humanity...), and questioning its cyber-existence (before reading the FB-flashback), and of how I could reconcile with my own personal passion for films ("watching"), and the need to maintain a website about it ... when it sorta hit me; that I might as well make it MORE of my personal online weblog, than I try to have had making it a "movie website"!

Which essentially means MORE of my personal and no doubt mundane explorations into my own viewing habits, my preferences, and opinions (*Keyword being "personal"), PLUS a dash of "ME".

I know I'm no "personality" here, nor of anyone "important" or "special", but hey, it's time for a "change" (NOT that anyone has asked for anything :p) ~ at the very least in how I share my film-watching shenanigans, innit?

Rhetorical statement. No, its alright, just imagine me mumbling to myself ... I do!