24 January 2015

POPCORNX Blog-Mascot Auditions #1: "Popcorn" from Yum Yum

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I am contemplating bringing about with me a toy-mascot, for taking snaps of movie-viewings and stuff, with. I blog primarily about "toys" for living at TOYSREVIL, so tis is a fun thing for me, IMHO. So I'll be holding "blog-mascot auditions" for existing characters to be "used" as the unofficial mascot for POPCORNX! No that there are much to pick from in the first place tho, but hey, I shall remain hopeful! :)

First choice is quite literally, "Popcorn" from London-based Yum Yum (Blogged on TOYSREVIL). Hey, who wouldn't like a nekkid dude wearing a pair of 3D specs and a bag of popcorn as a hat? LOL

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23 January 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron from Funko (Pop!, Mystery Minis, Pocket Pop! Keychains, Wacky Wobbler, Fabrikations, oh my!)

Remember when Funko inadvertently "leaked" a design of an Iron Man armor design circa "Iron Man 3"? Here's hoping I'll not be asked to pull THIS image reveal of THE VISION from the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultronfeature film!

And boy, have the toy-makers planned to conquer the to-shelves with products galore! From Pop!s (What? No "Black Widow"???), to Mystery Minis (One Word: "HULKBUSTER"), to Pocket Pop! Keychains and Mini Wacky Wobblers (all of whom will be available in March), and in April you could get your hands on their plush "Fabrikations" editions of your fav Avengers-characters.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON premieres in theaters May 1st. Plenty of time to get your TOY-ON, people! Check out THIS album on FB for individual images!

22 January 2015

Top Ten Fav Anime Ending Tracks (Jan 2015 Edition)

This list might have been made in the beginning of 2015, but it does not mean the anime nor the songs represented in this list are around this era, as they are drawn from my personal viewing choices (and I have been catching up on loads of "older" shows lately :p), and how the songs/tracks resonated with me individually. Of course your opinions and choices might be different from mine, so feel free to leave a comment here or on my Popcorn-X Facebook :)

As well quite a few ED tracks have been listed in a previous Top Ten List (including "Welcome to the Xth Dimension" from Space Dandy, "Uso" from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and "Starboard" from Last Exile - Fam: The Silver Wing), which I have since decided not to add to this list, because there are just too many awesome tracks to be heard! Hence "Jan 2015 Edition", as I may be adding more Top Tens as I consume more anime series LOL … meanwhile, this is my TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS (Jan 2015 Edition):

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #10: ""Don't say "lazy"" is a single used as the ending theme for the first season of K-ON! - Always memorable - both the song and visuals, even if I did not complete the series nor remember much of it LOL

Here's a "live" concert performance by Shoko Nakagawa with SCANDAL (my fav J-Pop Girl band)- now THAT's the sort of K-ON! I could get into! LOL

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #9: "Innocent Note" by Maaya Uchida is the ending theme for the first season of GATCHAMAN CROWDS. Maaya Uchidawas also the voice actor for "Hajime Ichinose" in the anime! Here is the full track (audio only):

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #8: "Departures (Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta)" is the first ending theme to GUILTY CROWN, performed by a "Egoist" - a fiction band from the series, and is written by Supercell (who also wrote the OP "My Dearest").
"A 17-year-old artist named Chelly provided the vocals. Chelly was picked by Ryo of Supercell after an audition of 2,000 candidates. Chelly also sang the insert songs in Guilty Crown." (Wiki)

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #7: "The Real Folk Blues" is the ending theme for COWBOY BEBOP, performed by The Seatbelts, featuring Mai Yamane (with lyrics by Yuho Iwasato). The track also appears on the series-related album "Cowboy Bebop Vitaminless" (カウボーイビバップ ビタミンレス Kaubōi Bibappu Bitaminresu?). Could not find the actual anime end/credit-sequence, instead featured above is the audio only :p

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #6: "TT2 Owari no Uta" by Scha Dara Parr is the ending theme for "TOKYO TRIBE 2". I discovered the anime at a much later date, and this track always comforted me at the end of each episodes' adventures and hijinks.

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #5: "San Francisco" by Midicronica used as the final ending of SAMURAI CHAMPLOO - whose songs and beats resonated with me long after the anime has faded in my memories :p

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #4: "Great Escape" by Cinema Staff was used as the closing theme for ATTACK ON TITAN (For episodes 14-25). Fav anime at the moment, so this was a shoo-in :)

Check out the OG MV:

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #3: "Sorry, I'm Done Being a Good Kid" by Miku Sawai was the ending theme to KILL LA KILL, with the above video clip (creditless) seen in Episode 24, closing up the series (which you need to see the entire anime series to "appreciate" this ending - *SPOILER*). The Japanese title for this song is "Gomen ne, Iiko ja Irarenai" (ごめんね、いいコじゃいられない。).

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #2: "Over The Sky" by Hitomi Kuroishi (from her album "Angel Feather Voice") was used as the ending theme for LAST EXILE. Melodically pleasing to my senses, and as well brings a tear to my heart, of an unexplainable "loss" of a forgotten tragic event as yet unfolded … as haunting is the album version featured below:

Hitomi's "Starboard" (for "Last Exile: Fam The Silver Wing") is on my first "Top Ten Anime Songs". I am actually afraid to get her albums, as much as I want, because I fear I would relish and dwell in the beautiful tragedy of her songs :p

MY TOP TEN FAV ANIME ENDING TRACKS #1: "Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai" (美しき残酷な世界? / "This Beautiful Cruel World") by Yōko Hikasa was used as the closing theme for ATTACK ON TITAN (first 13eps) and is yet another haunting end-song for animes I seem to fall for LOL

This was replaced by "Great Escape" in Episode 14 on … meanwhile, this is the Original MV:

The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure from Mondo To Drop Jan 22nd

Announced today is the pre-order for the Iron Giant Deluxe Figure from Mondo, which goes "live" on mondotees.com from Thursday, January 22nd (Sale announcement to be via Twitter @MondoNews). First revealed at SDCC 2014, now two versions will be made available; The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure (above) - Standing approx 16" in height, and featuring 30+ points of articulation, and includes Sound feature - each priced US$300.

Shown below is the The Iron Giant Deluxe Figure with "Hand Under Foot" accessory - same product stats as the regular edition, but this version comes with the "Hand Under Foot" accessory, modeled after the Iron Giant's detached hand that runs loose in the farmhouse. In an Edition of 250, and priced at US$315, this is a Mondo-Exclusive :)

"The figure features over 30 points of articulation and a variety of accessories allowing you to transform the Iron Giant into all of his notable incarnations. You’ll receive two interchangeable heads with light-up eyes, a magnetic “S” that can be detached from a Seafood sign and attached to his chest, switch-out “War Arm” when things get tense, a Hogarth mini-figure that sits perfectly in his hand, and of course, a girder to munch on. Additionally, the figure includes a sound feature with favorite Iron Giant quotes from the film." (mondotees.com)

Mondo showed Brad Bird (director of the "Iron Giant" animated movie), and you can see a video of him playing with the piece on i9.com.
"We had the amazing opportunity to develop this figure for Mondo. Over the past 20 year we had worked on some amazing projects for so many great clients, I have to say that this project was the highlight of my career, and this video gave me the shivers and a huge teary smile.

I can not wait to have this in my collection and can't wait to see how the fans react to the hundreds of hours of hard work by our team, and the crew at Mondo. Brock Otterbacher you are my SUPERMANnnnnn!"
- exclaimed Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks.

21 January 2015

Big Trouble Little China Pop! & ReAction Figures from Funko

"Go Big Trouble, Or leave the Toy Shop!" - And Funko delivers huge! John Carpenter's seminal cult classic 80's feature film "Big Trouble Little China" gets the toy-treatment in two upcoming lines, as Pop! Vinyl and vintage-styled blister-carded ReAction Figures! Both to be available in February - do check in with your fav retailers, and check out individual images since uploaded HERE on the TOYSREVIL-FB album!

FUNKO PRESS: ""Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it.'"

Venture into the cryptic backstreets of San Francisco's Chinatown with Jack Burton! Prepare yourself for a mystical battle against the evil sorcerer Lo Pan! Straight from the underground of Chinatown ... Big Trouble in Little China…Coming to you in both Pop! and ReAction!"

20 January 2015

Rockin Jelly Bean Does "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Japanese Magazine cover featuring the art of Rockin Jelly Bean depicting Guardians of the Galaxy (as Facebooked by James Gunn), and yes, it is an actual magazine "映画秘宝" (AKA "Movie Treasure") purchasable at ¥ 1,080 (March 2015 cover date) … know for his fantabulous pinup-girl art, I sure would love to see his depiction of "Gamora" all on her own … for "artistic admiration and discourse", of course :)

18 January 2015


In celebration of Takeshi Kitano's 68th birthday (Born January 18th, 1947), this is my proposed totally fictional BEAT TAKASHI MINI FIGURE SET! … Hey! I would get this set in a heartbeat, if anyone ever made them hahahaha

Essentially from black hair to blonde, from yakuza to policeman, from blind swordsman to filmmaker, "Film Characters" of 'Beat' Takeshi as pre-painted non-articulated moulded PVC mini figures, gacha-sized and nicely boxed with front plastic window display - which might include the following;

- "Zatoichi" (so obvious it hurts lol). And from the varied color-treatment in the movie posters, it looked as if th e blind swordsman wore different colored tunics - which can be translated into different figurine representation :)

- "Kitano" from "Battle Royale", in his grey track suit, and perhaps including a "bag of cookies" accessory?

- "Otomo" from "Outrage"/"Outrage Beyond", with the old school gangsta in his white suit.

The intention was to have ONE Yakuza-based character in the set, but I could not resist adding the next film character:

- "Aniki Yamamoto" in "Brother", with puff-hair style and signature shades. Would be fun too if this figurine depicted him squatting down haha

Alternatively, he could be depicted in this all-black ensemble. Makes for more interesting aesthetics in this line-up, IMHO...


- But the reality is, "Sonatine" could well be the most iconic "yakuza-themed" character whose image of himself holding a gun and blowing his own brains out … hey, this is not a toy set for children, yeh? :p

-"Azuma" in "Violent Cop", for a young Takashi-representation :p

My personal preference is his with his vest :)

- "Takahashi" in "Johnny Mnemonic" - with double breasted jacket, for that "Hollywood-connection". (OPTIONAL)

- Chase Figure to be "Beat Takeshi" in "Glory to the Filmmaker!" - with dummy as accessory lol

Added in as a purely aesthetic stand-point … I tried to watch the movie last night actually, but lost interest really quick and early on :p

- Alternate Chase figure to be "Uehara" from "Boiling Point" - becoz the headwear is ridiculous :p

16 January 2015

What Does James Gunn Think of the Nominations for the 2015 Academy Awards?

And what does James Gunn - director of Marvel's Guradians of the Galaxy - thinks of the nominations announced for this year's Academy Awards? Featured below are his thoughts, reproduced verbatim from his Facebook post, which also makes him the most accessible Hollywood film director at this point, IMHO.
"As I said, I'm extremely pleased with our Guardians of the Galaxy Oscar nominations in Visual Effects and Makeup. Here are some other quick thoughts on the Academy Award Nominations -

1) The LEGO Movie was flat out snubbed. It was one of the best films of the year, not to mention one of the best animated films. It deserved to be nominated for Best Animated Film. Considering the average Academy voter is 63, perhaps the Tinkertoy Movie or the Erector Set Film would have fared better. Honestly, I don't think there can be any reason it wasn't nominated other than Academy members assumed it was a silly movie (like I did when I first heard of the movie, before seeing it) and didn't watch the screener.

2) Whoo hoo for Bradley Cooper being nominated for Best Actor. Even though it must be noted that Rocket is a much better shot, Bradley's performance blew me away in American Sniper. When I first saw the film, I was afraid it wasn't showboaty enough for the Academy. But, obviously, he came through.

3) Jake Gyllenhaal deserved to be nominated for Nightcrawler. God, he was good in that film.

4) Ditto for Amy Adams in Big Eyes.

5) I think our Guardians costume designer, Alexandra Byrne, our Production Designer, Charles Wood, and our Sound team from Skywalker Sound were snubbed as badly as anyone. All three of these departments created looks and sounds from nothing, from cultures that hadn't pre-existed, and created something beautiful that has already shifted the aesthetic paradigm of Hollywood films. Alex and Charles have been nominated by their peers in their guilds, but it'd be great to be acknowledged at the Oscars as well. I suppose they'll just have to be happy having made a film seen by more people than have seen all seven of the Best Film nominees combined.

6) I also think Damien Chazelle should have been nominated as Best Director for Whiplash which is, to me, one of the greatest film accomplishments of 2014.

7) Foxcatcher was nominated for Best Director and not for Best Film. I don't get it. What other department, exactly, was holding Foxcatcher back from being nominated for Best Film? The Director has creative control of a film - although there are some great films made without great directors, it is impossible to distinguish that without being on the inside. It really bothers me when awards for Best Director and Best Film go to different movies.

8) The Academy has a long tradition of bad choices. After all, in 1941 How Green Was My Valley beat Citizen Kane for Best Picture. That said, some of the fury that's directed at the Academy because of various nominations is outrageous. I saw a lot of nearly violent anger this morning on Twitter. There may be good reasons to turn over cars in the street, but that Jennifer Aniston wasn't nominated for Cake isn't one of them. In the end, the Academy is just a bunch of people, like you or me, doing what they think is best. And they should have the right to not vote for whomever they want... besides the Lego Movie. I mean, that's just fucking ridiculous."

13 January 2015

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer 2

MARVEL PRESS: "Ultron returns to cause even more trouble for our heroes in another trailer for Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron," in theaters May 1!"

10 January 2015

CHAPPIE Trailer #2 & A Look At the 1/6 Chappie Prototype from Threezero

The "feel-good-aww-he's-alive" vibe of the first trailer has since given way to a new more menacing second trailer, which excites me more to watch CHAPPIE from Neill Blomkamp. And seeing the mecha model on Hugh "Vincent Moore" Jackman's desk also got my eyes opened a bit too hahahaha (which reminds me now too much of ED209 vs RoboCop tho…) … "career sickness" due to daily blogging about toys for a decade on TOYSREVIL, I guess hahahaha

Here's something to bump-up this blogpost with a look at the upcoming CHAPPIE Prototype Action Figure by Threezero!!! Seen n display @ Toy Soul 2014, you can see more snaps posted on TOYSREVIL :)

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