30 July 2014

Avengers @ #SDCC2014: Poster Completion & Panel @ Hall H

And so the final two Avengers posters featuring HULK and THOR were revealed, and the 8 x image filled up a poster with The Avengers battling the Ultron Legion, as well the entire feature film actors gathered in Hall H for MARVEL's presentation @ San Diego Comic Con 2014 - including introducing James Spader as "Ultron" and Josh Brolin as "Thanos". Here's a video recap of the panel. (Funny, I was more excited when it happened during the weekend than now tho… ;p).

As well footage from "Avengers: Age of Ultron" was screened, and I am sure folks interested in this sequel might have read the descriptions thus far … TOYSREVIL for one will wait for the actual video footage to be released - thank you for your patience :)

BIG HERO 6 - Official TV Spot #2

I am charmed to the Nth degree at this point with BIG HERO 6, specifically with BAYMAX, and am looking forward to this Disney Pixar animated film! Enjoy this TV Spot #2, and as well images of the Bandai-produced toy line, on show at the recent San Diego Comic Con 2014. Check out awesometoyblog.com for the rest of the team (this post is a Baymax-ccentric post, I'm afraid hahaha)

Big Hero 6 VINYLMATION! Here's hoping there'll be Beabricks too haha :)

27 July 2014

About That "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Teaser Footage @ #SDCC2014

ANT-MAN @ San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Following the reveal of a teaser poster of ANT-MAN at the beginning of San Diego Comic Con 2014, the movie was par of the MARVEL presentation in Hall H on Saturday, where further casting of the principal characters were unveiled. Evangelie Lily will play "Hope Van Dyne" (daughter of Hank Pym), and Cory Stroll will be "Yellowjacket" ("Darren Cross") - the villain of the movie. Joining them at the SDCC panel were first timers to the geekcon; Paul Rudd ("Scott Lang") and Michael Douglas ("Dr Hank Pym").

"There are two components to this pretty zany footage: a scene in Hank Pym's lab, where the camera just pans across the space, showing off all of the weird scientific equipment and bubbling beakers and creepy anthills, before finishing up at an Ant-Man helmet.

During this, Michael Douglas is convincing Scott Lang to do something. Lang protests that Hank seems nice but "I'm not a superhero." That means he's not an egomaniac, and he's not an "undisciplined moron causing more destruciton than he stops," Pym retorts. Superheroes are a "ridiculous concept. You're doing this because it's the right thing to do."

"Someone already stole your balls," Pym taunts Lang. "It's just a small job, he adds.

Cut to a tiny Scott Lang in the Ant-Man suit, running away after completing the "small job" — his Ant-Man helmet is on the fritz, and he keeps losing his connection to Hank Pym, who's barking instructions.

He's supposed to use the helmet to control "the transport" — which turns out to be a small flying ant. He tries to convince the flying ant to help him out, but the ant isn't listening. And then some flying lights show up, chasing him — so Scott has no choice but to jump off the building onto the flying ant, which he doesn't have a very stable grip on. He's trying to reach a rendezvous with Hank, but first he has to survive."
(Trailer description via io9.com)

Images seen here are of the prop revealed at SDCC: Ant-Man's helmet! (Pics via SHH). I was thinking; "Would they make a scaled miniaturized Ant-Man with their eventual action figures?" … then I realized, the action figures themselves at 6-whatever-7 inches, ARE already miniaturized versions of Ant-Man, compared to us humans at 1:1-scale! hahahahhahaha

Sorry, "brainfart"… :p

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Shows Teaser Footage & Debuts "Wonder Woman" Image at San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Zack Snyder came unto Warner Bros. presentation at San Diego Comic Con 2014 in Hall H on Saturday, and promptly showed off footage for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" ("Footage shown was an armored Batman, and an angry Superman…" - tweeted @Latinoreview = footage that'll hit the www zoo, I hope!), followed by actors Ben Affleck ("Batman / Bruce Wayne"), Henry Cavill ("Superman / Clark Kent") and Gal Gadot ("Wonder Woman / Diana Prince") … where also THIS image of Wonder Woman made it's debut, and I am a happy man this dreary raining Sunday morning, in the comforts of my own abode in Singapore :)

SDCC Panel pics via Yahoo Movies / WW via Hollywood Reporter

1st Trailer & Character Posters for "Mad Max: Fury Road" Debuts at San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Warner Bros Pictures debuted a trailer and four character posters for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road at San Diego Comic Con 2014 today. Images feature Tom Hardy ("Max"), Charlize Theron ("Furiosa"), Nicholas Hoult ("Nux"), and Hugh Keays-Byrne ("Immortan Joe").

(Source: SHH)

"For Mad Max: Fury Road, the studio trotted out the films director and franchise creator George Miller. While stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, couldn’t make it, the Oscar winning actress addressed the crowd by video from South Africa, where she was filming. “I am with you in spirit,” she said.

Miller share about 10 minutes of the epic, post apocalyptic car chase movie, which left the hall breathless. “I wanted to make the film one extended chase,” said Miller, who called the film “a western on wheels.”

“There aren’t many words spoken in this movie,” said the director. “People only speak when they have to.”"
(reported Yahoo Movies

Official B-Roll Footage for "Full Tilt" AKA GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

26 July 2014

Arrow: Season 3 First-Look & Reveal of "Arsenal"

"Excited fans at Comic-Con’s ARROW panel on Friday, July 25, 2014, got their first glimpse of the action-packed series’ third season, including views of Colton Haynes in the Arsenal costume, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer and Karl Yune as Maseo. "
"Arrow: Season 3" revealed at Sa Diego Comic-Con, as well we get to see actor Colton Haynes as "Roy Harper" in costume as "ARSENAL" (better than "Red Arrow", innit? LOL)

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