Buying DVD Movies In A Fading Cine-Memory World Of Yesterdays

Holding unto DVDs like a fading memory... ironic even as the films are become "forever", without a doubt outliving me and my celluloid-desires ...

Snatched these up at my recent visit to a (somewhat) local DVD store - of which precious few remain in Singapore - with this one ironically scheduled to close down by the end of the month (hence a "sale"), and picked up a selection of movies, some of which are meant to be kept, some I cannot wait to rewatch again, and a couple which I think I already do own, but have no clear idea of their current whereabouts in the mountain-hoard that which engulfs me (*But I like it) ... each of them somewhat hold a memory to my past... a past of visual enjoyment, a past marking time and age, even a heartbreaking past ... aaahhh but for the Magic of Cinema!

I am constantly looking for 80s' films, but I realised I have a whole period between the late-90s to early-2000s, where my movie collection was strictly on VCDs and LDs, and no way to watch them now, and hella effort & $$$ to recollect them all... The Drama Never Ends, does it?