SQUID GAME: New Poster & Installation in South Korea

In promotion of the upcoming "SQUID GAME" Kdrama (premiering Sept 17 on Netflix), "live" installation events have been set up in South Korea, which includes literal (childhood) games for the public to engage in, without the nastiness of being killed+murdered like you would in the series!

Here is a video to see, with select screensnaps showcased below that, cheers. Featured up top is a brand new poster image for the series I cannot wait to watch!

The installation is held in Itaewon Station, from September 5 (Sun) to September 18th (Sat) - Daily from 12 noon to 21:00. Besides me screengrabs here, you might want to head to naver.com for splendid pics and video of the event (in Korean language)!


Will the black-mask-and-pink-overalls be the S.Korean equivalent of the mask+red-overalls from the "Money Heist" series? Nevertheless, here is the trailer for "SQUID GAME" (*Find out more about the series HERE on POPCORNX).

SYNOPSIS: "In an unknown place 456 people, who are otherwise failure in their life are invited to play a mysterious survival game named 'Squid Game'. The stake is high, ₩45.6 billion (US$40 million), so is the risk, life is at stake. The men in pink overalls and mask are watching every move. There will only be one winner!"." (Wiki).