UPDATED: I have since devoured all 8 X Episodes of this series, and I've shed my tears in the finale, and have no regrets doing so. I have since added a couple more tweets below of my reaction(s), and if I do not manage to post+publish a proper review later, let it at least be said that I'd felt that series is digestible, and I recommend it immensely...!

I am drawn to the fantastical and mystical, but specifically connected to & grounded to the “real world”, with a supernatural tint or embrace. New Kdrama "THE WITCH'S DINER" fits that (immdiately popped into mine are HOTEL DE LUNA and MYSTIC POP-UP BAR - elements of which ar somewhat recognizable here, IMHO), and I’ve enjoyed the 1st episode thus far, and looking forward to complete this 8-episoder in Season 1. I'll delve more into this Kdrama a little bit later, after I attempt to binge it this weekend, cheers :)