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as much as i wanna put the blame on blogger, i haveta admit t'was my own choice for going with 'em. for as easy as it is to use, it lacks a vital function for which it had led down many a darkened-blog-days for me = "TAGS".

so too am i a tech-idiot.

yep, there i said it.

and so alla these wannabe-reviews you're gonna be (hopefully) reading onwards, were posted in another one of my myriad online personas, moons ago. and being the "wannabe" that i grudgingly admit to be (and have since reconciled with my subconscious-desires), this review-blog is born. a collection of all my views and reviews from before and now. a mild manifestation of my desire to talk cock about the movies and dvds/vcds i've watched and am going to be watching (yer know da drill lah)

disclaimer-city: i may ply my trade in the local film/media industry, i sure as heck ain't a professional film-reviewer ... so if my words give y'all a chuckle or three? im happy already :)

and until i move to another online-blog (which allows me tags and a decent template i dun need to be techically-proficient to adapt lah) - have fun here and enjoy the read :)