Film Review: Red Dawn

Watching RED DAWN (the 2012 version) while the hostilities brim at the edge between United States and North Korea at this very moment in the world outside your window, suddenly held such poignancy, which only celluloid fantasies in a darkened cinema could offer.

As the scenes unfold, I could not shake away the parallels, and frankly could hardly "enjoy" the movie, as pedestrian as it may have been. But it was a decent watch, bolstered by the fact I watched it on YouTube anyways (linked provided in comments section, and you're welcomed) and hence none of the irrational discomfort of having paid for something and expecting something in return - in this case, "entertainment".

It held it's own, with rahrah-rhetoric, loads of gun-fights in the shadows, and a surprise with Adrianne Palicki - yes, she of "Lady Jaye" in "G.I.Joe Retaliation" - in yet another role of a gorgeous-girl-with-a-gun here! (This film preceded 'Retaliation' by a year tho), and she has become my current fav "gorgeous-girl-with-a-gun" at this very moment!

I liked Chris Hemsworth's intensity, although this was hardly a applaudable role (he was better as the Huntsman in "Snow White and the Huntsman" for pete's sake), and unfortunately dubious casting (like Josh Peck's role, sorry dude) somehow nudged it into a "tele-movie of the week" zone, but for an unglamorous looking Isabel Lucas - which I only found on IMDb to be "Athena" in Tarsem Singh's "Immortals" - which admittedly, I had a minute's crush on … all things considered, when I am looking at pretty ladies instead of focusing on the story, it does not really say much of the movie, I'm afraid ...

I have not seen the 1984 version with Patrick Swayze, and neither have I the desire to. Ironically, what I got away from this film, is not necessarily "LOVE AMERICA", but instead "Protect Your Home/Homeland", and that's something by itself, I guess?