Film Review: The Campaign

Watching Will Ferrell films are always a crap-shoot - one moment tis the effervescent classic "The Anchorman", next moment tis the dismal "Blades of Glory" limp-fart, and in a weird twist of DVD-discounts at the neighborhood Rental Shop, I picked up "The Campaign", with the baby-punching-scenario mentioned in a trailer I glimpsed somewhen before, somehow embedded in memory … or perhaps I'm still longing for a dash of Anchorman… and the result was … mixed.

"The Campaign" was at times funny, and at times pretty flaccid, not for the lack of trying, but perhaps the moral of the story had the guffaws kept strictly in the rectum rather than letting out a wet burst in-between the cheeks. But it was a decent movie-trip on a Friday night, I admit, and can hardly fault the experience too much.

Big Money and Dirty Politics make for swell funny-fodder, tho not necessarily an "original concept", it helps to push the plot along, predictable as it is, which is fine and dandy - this is not really a film you'd expect nor want any "surprises", yeh?

Highlight of the film, has to be "Mrs Yao" - the Oriental lady speaking like an African-American Lady from the deep south many a moons ago, that needs to be heard to be appreciated. Bravo!

Rent it if you must, don't need to buy it. And enjoy :)