Reveal of EM-208 in 1/6 from THREEZERO

Looks like RoboCop and ED-209 are not the only film characters THREEZERO will make into 1/6 from the RoboCop movie: Introducing the "EM-208", seen here in unpainted prototype form. "The EM-208 is an army cyborg created by OmniCorp and we think that it can be a nice sparring partner for RoboCop V1 and V3 figures, which we have in the works as well." mentioned threezero on their Facebook.

Still not sure "who" exactly are the EM-208? They are the androids seen at the opening of the film, patrolling the street wih the ED-209, and as week here in this "Field Test" video clip, where Alex "RoboCop" Murphy shoots them down like paper soldiers LOL:

(Below pic via Elite)