The Reveal of "The Flash" for CW (Television)

Revealed on Comic Book Resources is the first photo of actor Grant Gustin as "The Flash" for an upcoming television pilot from the CW. And while the role of "Barry Allen" made it's debut on the "Green Arrow"-themed tv-series "The Arrow", "Barry" had never donned the superhero-suit in it thus far.

The dark red hue reminds me of MARVEL's "Daredevil" suit for when actor Ben Affleck played "Matt Murdock", doesn't it? (And that's the 3rd time he's played a "Super Hero" innit? Don't forget he played "Superman" in 2006's "HollywoodLand" haha).

(Still from "The Arrow" / pic via Digital Spy)

And while this is perhaps tv-based and not necessarily a slice of feature film news, but it shows the visual ability to make superheroes a reality on-screen! I still fondly remember the uber-bulked up suit from the 1990-tv series, which had The Flash looking he could easily be a Speed-Steroid-unkie, ya know? Hey, I am not knocking it at all, but am grateful folks even tried to make it happen!

Even if anyone brings up an example of the Tim Burton-directed "Batman" film in 1999 with non-neck-turning muscle suit, I will not baulk :p

So when folks mention the "Justice League", to me; it will never be about being able to translate their superhero-suits, but rather the "story" itself! Or maybe I am not too hard a man to please hahahaha eye-candy provides a certain level of "discounted tolerance" for me, as frankly, the notion of a super-powered person on screen, is as ludicrous as a fictional notion can be in the first place, as much as I LOVE superhero concept= gods bless comicbooks!

(Comicbooks' The Flash: Annual #1 (2011) / pic via Comixology)
"The Flash costume was designed by Colleen Atwood, a three-time Academy Award-winner who also designed Stephen Amell's "Arrow" costume. "The Flash" pilot, in contention for a series spot on The CW's 2014-2015 schedule, is executive produced by "Arrow" vets Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and David Nutter, directed by Nutter and written by Berlanti, Kriesberg and DC chief creative officer and former long-time "Flash" comic book writer Geoff Johns." (reported CBR)

(DC Comics' Variant PlayArts-Kai "The-Flash" from "Injustice")