Spider-Man Is Alone Against The Rest of the Spider-Man Universe (Also TV Spots #3-4)

TV Spots #3 and #4 doesn't really leave much for the imagination, does it? But then again, perhaps for non-comicbook-readers, or folks not familiar with the Spider-Man-lore, a little "story-nudge" helps in pushing the plot along, IMHO.

Personally, I've become increasingly intrigued how everything will pan out, and about THAT ending of the film, which leads (or "mighty") into "The Sinister Six" or "Venom" standalone movies? Hooo-boy!

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2", premieres May 2nd in the United States, and May 1st in Singapore (IMDb)

I look at Spider-Man, and I think I could understand how he might feel "alone" … beset by super-powered villains, and taking on the rest of the world on his own scrawny shoulders … because he literally IS all alone, as the rest of the super heroes of the MARVEL Universe is now with Disney, and Peter remains the lone hero with SONY. Heck, he couldn't even hang with his BFF Iceman as the mutant is with FOX! (Fans of the 80s cartoons will know what I mean ;p)

Basically Peter Parker is pretty much screwed ... unless of course a "villain" changes sides, and works WITH peter instead of against him? (My bet's on "Venom" ;p)

I also appreciate the concept that Oscorp become the nexus of where his rogue's gallery will come from, leaving the option of "mutations" or receiving powers "naturally" out of the mix, all the while containing the Spider-Man Universe upon itself, where instead Peter Parker is and will be the nexus for all the villains and characters derive from, IMHO.

Crispiest visuals for the film thus far on this featurette: