That Saturday "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" Movie Preview

I had an opportunity to preview select scenes from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" over the weekend (Thanks, Sony!), which included the following sequences:

- Introduction of the scenes by director Marc Webb
- First 10 minutes of the movie (Might have been 15, but I forget).
- Spider-Man confronts Electro for the first time.
- Harry Osborn with Electro.

And while I'll not review them in detail nor give away scene-details, here are a few impressions I had which I'd love to share:

- The action is breathtaking rapid! In fact, you'd begin to appreciate the stylistic slow-mo effects, because that's the only way you'll have a chance to breathe LOL

- It is a real CGI extravaganza that expands the notion of "spectacle", which was somewhat "less convincing" in the first movie, IMHO.

- Seeing this preview in 3D (which wreaked havoc with my double-vision unfortunately), it was evident the filming was done to utilize the effect, and the result which I viewed, works spectacularly, methinks! (But then again this is my 2nd time ever watching 3D after "Avatar" and my first after my Stroke ;p)

I'd personally not be watching in 3D if ever I decide to watch the full movie, but I'd encourage YOU to, if you can! :)

- The sheer joy of seeing Spider-Man in his uniform (versus the wreck of the first movie's basketball-skin-suit) and big spiderman-eye-lens = which reminded me of the joy when I first saw the 70s television version hahahaha - Good call, all around!

- The awkwardness of the relationship between Peter and Gwen from the first film, is now replaced with a tragic-sweet tone as both have been apart for a couple of years since the death of Gwen's father - where he made Peter swear to leave his daughter … and while said romance did not click with me before, what I saw now vibed that "angst" which grounds the film's, or at least humanizes Parker's emotional core, IMHO. They are a "likeable" couple now, at least for me haha

- UPDATED: Check out a video snippet posted below:

- The previously seen trailers does actor Dane DeHaan's role as "Harry Osborn" no justice, as he looks suitably charming and maniac (or maybe even "charmingly maniacal"?) enough here. Am looking forward to see how he does in the film. UPDATED: Check out an update video snippet of when Harry Met Electro...

- The Electro you see in trailer so far is only a "fraction" of what he evolves into eventually … and I think I've said enough here - any further description(s) will be spoiler-city!

On display at the preview at Golden Village Vivo City (outside GV MAX), where also two panel surfaces' worth of "Spider-Man Fan-art", apparently submitted to the L.A. offices and now showcased in Singapore! And while display status beyond the preview remain unconfirmed, here are a few snaps I took. Alas no name(s) of artists were shown - Does any work belong to YOU? Feel free to shoutout in the comments section, people!