I don't know about you folks, but I'm hella looking forward to be watching this one!

Premiering in Fall, is NBC's "Constantine", based on the DC Comics x Vertigo Comics character, written by David S. Goyer, and directed by Neil Marshall (Game of Thrones, The Descent). Starring Matt Ryan ("Criminal Minds"), Lucy Griffiths ("True Blood"), Harold Perrineau ("Lost") and Charles Halford.

I used to collect "Hellblazer" comics from Vertigo. I'd wanted to say "I'm not a huge fan of", but I'm pretty sure I would be lying to myself. The notion of the supernatural / occult / dark arts has always fascinated me, and in a comicbook medium, while other folks flew around in capes or jumped across skyscrapers, "John Constantine" was my kinda bloke! Or rather, I would love reading about his exploits, but perhaps not really like him as a person, per se …

Even the Americanized version with Keanu Reeves as a tattooed, black-haired and black trench/longcoat wearing dude, did not really faze me at all, because truthfully, how folks could adapt John's sh*t unto the screen - big or small - would be quite an achievement indeed. Hey I really enjoyed that movie too, I am not shy to admit.

Fast forward to today, and J.C. (the acronym is such salty irony, IMHO) in the new television series "Constantine" will be premiering in the Fall, on NBC, and the trailer gives such a rise of excitement in my loins, it is indeed quite an achievement!

Not sure how they'll treat the chain-smoking tho… and I am severely crossing my fingers we'll get to see it here in the East / Singapore.

Looks like all these years of UFO conspiracies, vampires and werewolves, and genre-themed series like "An American Horror Story" and even "Grimm" has led to this momentous occurrence! Content "fit fr television", of course hahahaha … Oh man, now I hope "Preacher" would come out right hahahaha