"Death Match" 1/6-scale Vehicle from TAOWAN

"WTF? Are You Kidding Me? ARE YOU FRICKKIN' KIDDING ME?" = was essentially my humble reaction to seeing images of this product online only a few moments ago (of course I cleaned up my language a bit here… *cough*) … I show you:

But yes, all one needed were these words: "Death Match" and "1/6"! From toy-brand "TAOWAN" comes this 1/6th-scaled vehicle driven by masked racer "Frankenstein" - seen in the 2008 feature film "Death Race" also known as "Death Race 3000" - directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Jason Statham (as "Jensen Ames" and eventually donning the mask himself as "Frankenstein").

Don't believe me about the car likeness? Go Check Here :)

Measuring 77cm long x 30cm wide x 22cm tall, local 1/6-specialists Forty42 has it listed for a SRP of SGD$500, launching 4th quarter 2014. (Email forty42@ymail.com to pre-order before 2nd June). Now for more studio pictures to gawk at, while I go find my jaw dropped to the ground … are you kidding me? They even have "The Tombstone" as an accessory??!! *AWESOME*

**See even more images of "Death Match" 1/6 vehicle HERE #onTOYSREVIL!**

Source: OSW