1st Trailer & Character Posters for "Mad Max: Fury Road" Debuts at San Diego Comic-Con #SDCC2014

Warner Bros Pictures debuted a trailer and four character posters for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road at San Diego Comic Con 2014 today. Images feature Tom Hardy ("Max"), Charlize Theron ("Furiosa"), Nicholas Hoult ("Nux"), and Hugh Keays-Byrne ("Immortan Joe").

(Source: SHH)

"For Mad Max: Fury Road, the studio trotted out the films director and franchise creator George Miller. While stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, couldn’t make it, the Oscar winning actress addressed the crowd by video from South Africa, where she was filming. “I am with you in spirit,” she said.

Miller share about 10 minutes of the epic, post apocalyptic car chase movie, which left the hall breathless. “I wanted to make the film one extended chase,” said Miller, who called the film “a western on wheels.”

“There aren’t many words spoken in this movie,” said the director. “People only speak when they have to.”"
(reported Yahoo Movies