Iron Sky: The Coming Race - "Announcement Teaser" for First Promo Teaser & Poster

"Nazis on the Moon is just scrapping the surface", and the filmmakers are taking on the North Korea war-ology with "Iron Sky The Coming Race"! A sequel to 2012's "Iron Sky" (a fun and entertaining but somewhat over indulgent slice of camp in the endgame / Read my review here), look forward to the "first promo teaser" to be released on November 6th - which makes the above video an "announcement teaser"? I don't know about these things, but am enjoying the visuals, which you can enjoy plenty of in another video posted below (pleased ignore the faux hostage video by the filmmaker tho, which frankly compounds what I had mention about the indulgence of the first film, IMHO). LOL

The first film was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and now this incarnation will be on IndieGoGo, with the campaign starting Nov. 6th in tandem with the "promo teaser". Stay tuned for upates at these following www locales: