CHAPPIE Trailer #2 & A Look At the 1/6 Chappie Prototype from Threezero

The "feel-good-aww-he's-alive" vibe of the first trailer has since given way to a new more menacing second trailer, which excites me more to watch CHAPPIE from Neill Blomkamp. And seeing the mecha model on Hugh "Vincent Moore" Jackman's desk also got my eyes opened a bit too hahahaha (which reminds me now too much of ED209 vs RoboCop tho…) … "career sickness" due to daily blogging about toys for a decade on TOYSREVIL, I guess hahahaha

Here's something to bump-up this blogpost with a look at the upcoming CHAPPIE Prototype Action Figure by Threezero!!! Seen n display @ Toy Soul 2014, you can see more snaps posted on TOYSREVIL :)