"Loki" Visits China & Stirs Up Trouble In The Imperial Palace (not really, but...)

… or more specifically, actor Tom Hiddleston in his guise as Thor's half-brother "Loki" The God of Mischief photoshopped into scenes from a Chinese period drama on television (my mum actually watches this on weekday afternoons some days, which I forget the name of :p), and is quite funny ~ and by that I meant the manipulated images, not the show itself :p

You know, in this era of co-productions and cross-financing, this could happen for reals, you know? Thor goes to China to hunt for Loki and ends up hooking up with Mulan, and betraying Jane Foster … including scene of crashing thru the side of the Great Wall of China, right? Okay fine; two words for you: "DREAM SEQUENCE" … Heh.

Images from Weibo @青红造了个白 via สาวกเอยจงเสพนิยายจีน