Avengers: Age Of Ultron 1/6th scale Thor from Hot Toys

The movie might have ended it's theatrical run and crushed at the box office worldwide, but the toy releases keep on chugging forth, with Hot Toys announcing the AvengersL Age of Ultron THOR in 1/6th-scale! Check in THIS FB Post (or THIS album) for more images, and check in with your fav retailers for price and availability.

I appreciate the headsculpt likeness of Thor here (thanks to Jong Hyuk, Park / Head Paint by JC. Hong) and am enjoying the accessories like the faux-lightning around Mjolnir (and/or Scarlet Witch's hex effect), which makes the figure "instagram-ready" to pose out of the box LOL (I read that term from a report of an owner of a eatery who produces dishes ready for folks to snap pics of :p). But on the other hand, it takes the "fun" out of kitbashing, maybe? IMHO, anyways :p

Meanwhile, posted below is a partial of the Hot Toys' Press Release;
PARTIAL PRESS: "The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the movie, featuring a newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume, a LED light-up Mjolnir and an authentic metal Mjolnir with lightning effect accessory, and a specially designed figure base.

Furthermore, a specially designed 3D augmented reality (AR) app has been developed and will soon be available on iOS and Android devices to interact with the Thor collectible figure! With the use of the app, fans can explore and take photo of the striking 3D scene where a number of Ultron Prime’s dangerous sentries are swarming to attack the Asgardian prince!"