I Might Be Suffering From "Superhero Overdose" #journal

Monday morning Cyber-Confessional-time:

I've had this gnawing feeling I could not put a finger on until now, when it dawned on me, that perhaps I am suffering from a mild case of "overdose of superheroes" - specifically of superheroes depicted on screen - big or small.

If I trace back my steps, it must have happened shortly after my viewing of "The Avengers: Age of Ultron", where until now I have been unable to review the movie on this blog, even though I enjoyed it … perhaps my self-imposed "embargo" dosed the flame ahead of time? The film premiered in Singapore a few days before the US, and I did not want to spoil the film - being "naively noble", I know, right? Heh.

Since then, there have been instances which I found somewhat "strange" - like being unable to find the interest nor energy to post news about the filming of "Suicide Squad" (where Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Joker and even the Batman have been seen on set) … or even putting off watching Netflix's "Daredevil", although I am still somewhat piqued with what "Supergirl" has to offer in this media saturated genre … and instead I have been burying myself in Korean dramas and Japanese anime.

The only conclusion I have deduced is: "Superhero Overdose".

I do not "hate" superhero movies and television series, I insist, there is no overwhelming animosity I am feeling towards the genre, nor do I feel "slighted" (in any way I am conscious of, anyways :p) … "Superhero" movies/TV is a "dream" for me, a comicbook reader since thy pubescent salad days, I even attribute my splipshod-command of the English-language to reading comicbooks! … I think I just need to re-find my passion for them, again. I just don't know "how" or "when" it will happen …


… I'll get to you soon, Daredevil, I'll get to you soon…