Behind-the-Scenes & Featurettes for Marvel's ANT-MAN

With the release of Marvel's Ant-Man (One of my Top 5 Marvel superhero flicks so far!) on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download, a slew of videos featuring the additional scenes in said Blu-ray has since been unleashed online for a while, leading to said release - for which I've combed youtube to bring you these embeds - which include;

- Extended Bloopers - Marvel’s Ant-Man
- To Train a Thief Featurette - Marvel's Ant-Man
- The Suit Featurette - Marvel's Ant-Man
- Ant-Man Tries On His Suit for the First Time - Marvel's Ant-Man
- Looping in the Avengers
- Wish Fulfillment Deleted Scene - Marvel’s Ant-Man
- Futures Lab Deleted Scene - Marvel's Ant-Man
- Yellowjacket Featurette
- Michael Douglas Featurette
- Exploring the Macroverse
- Wasp Suit Revealed (screengrabs for at bottom of this post)
- Civil War Post-Credits Scene Breakdown