#watched: SICARIO

Welcoming #christmas with watching #Sicario #EmilyBlunt

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A day after watching it, the film was still on my mind, the music hauntingly echoing into my core, and made the film fueled with dire and complicit excitement and anticipation, with the result a bullet wound to the jugular.

The usage of dire soundtrack against a probably dull vehicular journey elevates the tension effectively and provides another layer of depth that which makes "film" a wonderful medium to brainwash the viewers, and I appreciate that.

Not a wholly perfect film, but ultimately affecting and turned out to be be of my top pics for 2015. Worth a buy and redacth if you are into this particular genre films, or is still aching for some NARCOS television action LOL

4/5 popcorns for acquired tastes. And I read somewhere the director is doing the Blade Runner sequel??? CAN.NOT.WAIT.