Captain America: Civil War Pop! Vinyls & DORBZ from Funko

To state "Funko is going all-out for Captain America: Civil War", might well be an understatement! Featured here today are a SLEW of Pop! Funko releases, including regular editions and exclusive versions with select retail brands, and as well line of DORBZ! Wouldn;t be too surprised wobblers and other mercy appear later … check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability in Feb and March!
"This means war! Captain America and Iron Man square off in Captain America: Civil War, coming to theaters this May! Former villain Winter Soldier and S.H.I.E.L.D Agent 13 are fighting for Captain America! The lethal Black Widow, mechanized War Machine, and newcomer, Black Panther, fight for Team Iron Man! Maybe the fiery Scarlet Witch will be forced to choose a side by Crossbones! Coming in February!"

Barnes & Noble Exclusive: Unmasked Crossbones Pop!
GameStop Exclusive: Action Pose Captain America Pop!
Hot Topic Exclusive: Unmasked Iron Man Pop! and Falcon Pop!
Target Exclusive: Crossbones [Battle Damage]
Walgreens Exclusive: Unmasked Black Panther

Dorbz: Captain America: Civil War
(Coming in March)