No.3 in TOYSREVIL's #TopTenFilms2015: Ant-Man

Look, I enjoy myself, nay, RELISH a superhero film or three … my geekself demands that I do, and I am grateful for the influx of leather-as-spandex basketball-surface-clad super powered human (and "aliens"), like any other geekoloid, but none excelled and surprised me more this year, than Marvel's ANT-MAN!

I was set-up NOT to expect much from this Paul Rudd x Michael Douglas x Lily Evangeline vehicle, but man, it sure packed a wallop, kicking to high octane entertainment, moreso than the over-buldging Age of Ultron too!

Great action … Great character pieces … one of my fav costume in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far ... tons of humor, all around "FUN" being the operative word here, amidst a tidal wave of comicbook superheroes who are way too serious about their fictional existence (most times a "over-sell", I insist), ANT-MAN was refreshing, to say the list!

Dude, I cannot wait to see when "Scott Lang" meets the Avengers, or even "Hank Pym", actually!

I struggled with the placement of No.4 and No.3 for this list actually (hey, I take my "lists" seriously, okay? :p), and finally settled on this placing, because I found myself enjoying the experience more for this film, than the "street cred" (delusional as it may seem) by choosing instead Yakuza Yakuza Apocalypse :p

Enjoy the movies, folks!

[ ANT-MAN as a 1/6th-scaled action figure from Hot Toys ]