No.8 in TOYSREVIL's #TopTenFilms2015: Jurassic World

Truth be told, I did not have any intention of liking "Jurassic World" ever since watching the trailers online. Sure, Chris Pratt is in it, and I adored him in Guardians of the Galaxy, but yet another dinosaur movie? The T-Rex in the earlier 3 films were not enough? "Money-churner", much?

#watching #jurrasicworld ... The second time hahaha I need some dinosaurs in my life tonight :p

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But I fell off my deluded pedestal of self-importance (knowing full well as I watched it illegally online I had no right to be cine-snub), and ended up being thoroughly entertained, the first time watching it on a grubby theatre recording - complete with "walking heads" and shitty spacial echo audio (yes, that bootleg scene is alive and thriving till, people), and the second time in a more robust streaming video (still a "bootleg", I admit…) - so much so I was kicking myself for not watching it in the darkened cinema with a huge silver screen (#iSwear) - because a film like Jurassic World DEMANDS to be viewed as such!

In a cruel twist of fates, I had initially entertained physically going to a cinema to watch this, but as I mentioned when I started, "I did not have any intention of liking "Jurassic World"" - I'd actually stopped myself from heading out the door ...

Self-fulfilling prophecies aside, I have since embraced the "cheese level" of such genre films, and instead of questioning the "believability" of said genre films (it's a fictional fun film, for pete's sake!), I'd look forward to be entertained, hopefully without leaving my brains at the door!

So when Raptors run alongside former-prey-humans hunting for designed-dinos in the jungle at night, it becomes an awesome exciting scene LOL … AND this scene has become the equivalent of the by-now-classic "footstep tremor ripple on cup of water" methinks! :)

Director Colin Trevorrow has since been announced to helm upcoming Star Wars Episode IX (2019), so dude probably did something right!

Find out what Chris Pratt’s favorite Jurassic Park moment was as he sits down with Colin Trevorrow.Pick up #JurassicWorld today:

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T-Rex still the king! #watched #jurrasicworld still good fun! :)

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For pure entertainment value, and a lil'dose of nostalgia drooling down the side of the orifice both consciously and subconsciously, all packed in a joy-ride of fun, JURASSIC WORLD has (very surprisingly) held unto the No.8 Spot in TOYSREVIL's Top Ten Films of 2015!