No.1 in TOYSREVIL's #TopTenFilms2015: Mad Max Fury Road

MAD MAX FURY ROAD was the film I did not expect to need in my life. And while I had enjoyed the three prior Mad Max films, I did not lord after them. With the advent of FURY ROAD, I had found a respite for a longing I did not know I had, all these adult years.

I had a glimpse at it from the three movies mentioned, and even enjoyed the facsimiles in "Duran Duran" music videos, in "The Police" with Synchronicity - the notion of a post-apocalyptical world populated with tattered clothed humanoids and mutants intrigued me till now, and George Miller outdid himself with showing the brutality of humanity, along with dust clouds choking the bright sunny skies, in Fury Road ~ most definitely NOT MEDIOCRE!

(Artwork by Joey Spiotto)

"Some" folks complain of the lack of story or plot, but this was one of the main reasons why I loved this film - this was a straight forward near-liner long chase scene with tons of destruction, explosions, deaths and war boys spraying silver into their mouths!

It does not need to pretend to be anything else out in the scene right now. In fact, fcuk your scene! It does not need to pander to any prevailing nor pre-conceived intellect, and just lets the diesel burn and engines roar, echoing into the vast wastelands of sand and lonely tears … and when the smoke dust scatters, we get to survey the horizon and smile at the ludicrosity of it all, and ride eternal into Pop Culture Valhalla, shiny and chrome…

#SPOILERS (I don't need my movie with too much "stories" with scenes like these, thanks)

Essentially, this as well ties in greatly to both my comic-loving and my toy-passions, in particular to my kitbashing sensibilities (1/6 works by Bhead comes immediately to mind), and of course the glorious grime of Mega-City-One (or Necropolis = itself a parallel to sci-fi-urban jungles like the perpetual rainy Blade Runner, or even the neon-explosion of The Fifth Element) and the decay of The Cursed Earth!

And that in a nutshell, describes my experience into this black hole we call a "pop culture", for me personally :)

Goerge Miller's MAD MAX FURY ROAD veers effortlessly into the No.1 spot in TOYSREVIL's #TopTenFilms2015!

Enjoy The Movies, folks!

("Furosia" by Keh Choon Wee)

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("Immortan Joe" by Yuu Kikuchi