No.2 in TOYSREVIL's #TopTenFilms2015: Sicario

(Above poster image via IMDb)

Nothing could have prepared me for SICARIO.

Truthfully, seeing the trailers intrigued me only but for a trailing residue of interest after a wonderful devourment of Netflix's NARCOS, where I actually first heard the word "sicario" = which I had alluded to mean "(paid) hitman" … but when I finally decided to watch it ...

One word describes the film: "Intense" (#watched)

Sensitive filmmaking … as sensitive as the tip of the blade grazes your chin, ever so slightly, you feel your skin pricked, but there is no blood, yet. #iLike

This film hits the spot on so many levels. And while I choose my films on this list not based on forthcoming cerebral allusions (NOT that the chosen films were "brainless", of course), the craft witnessed in this film, really reminded me of the reasons why I'd gone into filmmaking, in my "previous lifetime ago" ... And all I could do at this stage is to feature tons of videos and clips for both the film, and the actors and filmmakers behind-the-scenes.

Emily Blunt rocks hard. Benicio Del Toro hits hard. Denis Villeneuve is directing the new Blade Runner, so that's a sign for you right there!

Enjoy the videos!


'Sicario' cinematographer Roger Deakins -­ Variety Artisans

Behind The Scenes Exclusive Featurette

VICE Talks 'Sicario' with Benicio Del Toro

Emily Blunt on her input to change the ending of 'Sicario'