Power Loader Ripley vs Alien Queen y Super7 x Funko (Seen @ New York Toy Fair 2016)

With ReAction figures, the "charm" and allure is it's mirroring of vintage 70s'-styled action figure aesthetics packed in 3.75"s, and of course the subject matter, with a feature film focus, of both classics and modern celluloid tales … and revealed at the past weekend's 2016 New York Toy Fair is the next evolutionary toy-step towards "FUN"! Introducing Ripley and her Power Loader versus the Alien Queen!

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The advent of "play-set" is upon us (notwithstanding the environment-themed releases from Super7 themselves, of course), and hopefully soon we could get vehicles and accessories sized larger than the figure themselves? LOL ... or maybe it's just their "Aliens" line that gets the fun...?

(Pic via @originalfunko + Cool Toy Review)