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After a week of false starts and failed intentions, I managed to catch Disney's Zootopia in the cinema today, and utterly LOVED IT! So much so I grabbed a couple of character toys from Toys R Us (conveniently located a level below the cinema) and have posted some snaps f Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps to share on my Instagram and now on TOYSREVIL-blog :)

My Immediate Impression was that this was not ONLY a "children's cartoon" - as adorably packaged and presented, it held as much a serious real-world real-adult message, than the giggles that were heard amongst the audience, in my 2pm viewing on a Monday afternoon (MORE laughter could be heard when the trailer for "Kung Fu Panda 3" played tho, but I digress…).

#Zootopia carded action figures spotted at #ToysRUs Tampines Mall, #Singapore

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No doubt the cuteness of the character design - specifically that of Officer "Judy Hopps" - would charm folks of any age bracket (and indeed they too my socks offa me, sat shivering in Mr Big's limo :p), but the story itself was hardly meant for the kids - NOT that it was "adult" in nature, but a somewhat core emotion/emotions anyone would have / might have / will have to endure and experience at some points in their lives.

What I enjoyed as well where the voices, which frankly was near-pefect (to my personal impression(s) of the characters, without a single "celebrity-casting-for-the-sake-of" distracting me, so kudos for the casting!

When Nick calls Judy "Clever Bunny" and Judy to Nick; "Clever Fox", so too shall I extort "Clever Movie!". It is as smart as it was funny, as evocative as it was emotive, and truly, one heck of an enjoyable viewing pleasure and experience!

Imagine the intelligence of the animated "Mr Incredible" with none of the buffoonery of "Cars", tinged with the squeezed out charms of "Minions" but none of the imbeciles inherent for the kid-fest, or the overt drama overture of "Inside Out", as least by my viewing experience :)

For folks who shun from "overt-cute" (I dunno, maybe there are folks like that? Hey, I have a blog for my cat okay? So I am biased here :p) - do not worry, the "cute" is not "forced", but rather as "subtly" conveyed, especially when Nick's partner-in-hustle "Finnick" speaks LOL

The investigative journey, all the Who-Dunnit(s) and even the twist ending (loved the homage to "Breaking Bad" too - listen to the names called heehee), belie a simplified tween or even "adult"-level adventure film, packaged here with cute animals and pop songs.

TONS of praise needs to hoisted unto the backs of the designers and creators of this animated spectacular - which both provides ample (animal) world building, and a spectacular visual that is worthy to put a smile on your face on the big screens (AKA "avoid the online version, it will NOT do the animation justice!").

Fantastic visual aesthetics aside, the core story is not complicated, and yet provides layers of depth and perhaps "emotional personal history"?

I dare say your KIDS might enjoy this, but YOU - be it parent or adult - will enjoy this as well.

4 & 1/2 out of 5 boxes of popcorn for pure entertainment value!

Cheers and ENJOY!