Mark Nagata's "Alien Big Chap" Painting & Giclee Prints for "LV-426 ALIEN Art Show" @ Creatures Features (Opens April 23)

"Alien Big Chap" tribute painting by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co completed for "LV-426 ALIEN Art Show" curated by Chogrin for Creature Features. Both the original (acrylics on bristol paper, framed / image below) and giclee prints (seen up top) will be for sale. No price mentioned as yet tho.

The "LV-426 ALIEN Art Show" opens Saturday, April 23rd (6PM-9PM) in Creature Features (2904 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, California 91505), and exhibits thru Sunday, May 1st. See more via their Facebook Events page … quite perfect timing for #alienday happening April 26th too!