Ghostbusters 2016 Poster

Been reading tons of negative press for this film, even though it has yet to hit screens, primarily due to certain folks' dislike for the all-female cast in this incarnation, with tons of attribution to the released trailers for not being impressive enough? Seriously?

And while I have zero quarrels with this celluloid incarnation (I've yet to watch it, 'natch), and the DVDs of the 80s incarnations kept warm and snuggly in my humble collection, I've always felt MAYBE things might have gone a tad smoother if only they had ALTERED the title of this film - to WHAT, I cannot say nor suggest (not my "job" to, anyways ;p) - but the confusion lies so much in the title, between this 2016 version (which folks and websites alike chose to label/title as "Ghostbusters 2016") and the decades back "original" versions.

Fair enough if you want to "reboot" or "reimagine" it (it is YOUR property, after all :p), but see the backlash so far, from the hardcore(ish) fans?

But who knows, maybe all will be forgiven when the film launches and folks see it? I know I will be watching it ... and if I hated it, I could always go back and watch the DVDs of old, innit? LOL