Goodleg Toys' Defender of BAD TASTE Now Available!

PRODUCT PRESS: "Goodleg Toys proudly presents another trash movie resin toy incarnation: The Defender of Bad Taste! A homage to Peter Jackson’s Lord Crumb, as seen in Jackson’s early cult movie “Bad Taste” from 1987. Hand sculpted, hand casted, and hand painted, standing around 3.75" tall, the figure comes in hand pulled blister on hand made card. (Gun included!) The edition is limited to 15 pieces only - 10 no-border (flesh), and 5 green-border (washed) pieces. Priced at $65 and $70 a piece plus $8 international shipping, the Bastards have just landed in the Goodleg shoppe!"

Dropping on June 16th! (Two versions will be available.)

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(Cheers for the headsup, Luke)