#filmreview: Star Trek Beyond

STAR TREK BEYOND was utter fun and enjoyable, and finished just about right - not too long, and not too short, for my tastes anyways. The third installment of a rebooted universe (after a lens-flare fuelled 2009 film and a quite frankly not-as-excitable Into Darkness), BEYOND came back with a cheeky sneer, action-jackson all around … and when The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” played? *air-fist*

I smiled happily when Sulu walked off with his life=partner and their daughter (Subtle and heart warming), and had tears brimming, when the homage to the original cast who had since passed from this series, was paid in solemn silent moment. Very nicely done.

“Action” + “Sci-Fi”? I’m down with this! If I want my daddy’s Star Trek, there’s still the DVD boxsets … but come to think of it, the tv and early films were MY generation’s! :p

R.I.P. Anton Yelchin.


A Very Yummy 4 Boxes of Mixed Salty & Sweet Popcorn for entertainment value!