#WhoAreTheGuardians? A Closer Look at LER in #Zaschitniki

WHO-IS: "He is armed with all forms of earth manipulation abilities, and is able to control stone and soil, collect dust from boulders, stop falling rocks, and move mountains. He can cause rocks of any size and amount to levitate and fly as if weightless, as well as orbit him.

He can cause the ground to break apart under his enemies feet with great precision in what parts break and what shape the subsequent depression makes. This allows him to form instant craters, canyons, ravines, and sink holes to fight his opponents, though these formations are usually small in scale. Being able to cause quakes and tremors in the ground beneath his opponents, such as making the ground under them erupt and explode.

He can summon rock onto his body, covering himself in rock to make an exoskeletal armor to physically enhance himself. Along with his abilities, he is armed with a small chain with a large rock cemented on its end, which he can use as a type of flail."
(Info Wiki / Poster via IMDb)

“LER” THE LANDMAN is played by actor Sebastien Sisak. “Elemental” powers are always fascinating, especially for Earth, Wind, Fire and Water - two of whom are represented in this squad. Although “Ler” looks like he is dressed as a “period warrior” (“time traveller”? "Nomadic tribe"?), here’s hoping his tribe rocks the urban jungle ;)

(Below Concept Art via blog.adlo.es)

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В кадре Сисак Себастьян, @leshasmoliar и Валерия Шкирандо)

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