Conan The Barbarian & Red Sonja Pop!Vinyls from Funko for Nov release!


Mention “Conan the Barbarian” and my mind will be filled with “lamentation of the women”, and mention “Red Sonja”, and my mind will be filled with images of Brigitte Nielsen … But add the words “Pop Vinyl” to them? Prepare thyselves for Funko presents CONAN THE BARBARIAN and RED SONJA Pop!Vinyls! Both of whom are slated for a November release!

FUNKO PRESS: "The Cimmerian fighter from the 1982 film is the latest addition to Pop! Collect the immensely strong Conan the Barbarian and crush his enemies! You can also collect Conan covered in blood, and in war paint, both available through PX Previews! Coming this fall!"

FUNKO PRESS: "Strengthen your Pop! collection with Red Sonja! Red Sonja comes with her scale armor bikini and sword! She is also available with blood spatter = a PX Previews exclusive! Collect the She-Devil with a Sword this fall!"