Invasion of CRITTERS Imminent by UME Toys

UPDATED UMETOYS PRESS: "It's our favourite time of the year, the run up to Halloween and to celebrate we are paying homage to the 80's fuzzy toothbags that are the Critters. Each hand made and painted resin Kritter stands over 2.5 inches tall and ships in a custom made header carded bag. If you'd like to add one to your collection this limited run will drop in the store at 9:00pm London time this Wednesday (19th October 2016)."

INVASION OF CRITTERS IMMINENT! Rich Page of UME Toys had sculpted and spawned (AKA “resin casted and hand-painted”) a gang of Critters-like creature collectibles, and you’d do well to stake-out his Instagram @richpage or Twitter @umetoys for eventual release and availability details :)

Just finished this little freaknip #critter

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