Trailer & Poster for SLEEPLESS

SYNOPSIS: "A police detective with a connection to the criminal underground finds his secret life exposed when he and his partner are caught stealing cocaine from a powerful drug lord, a move that puts his son's life in danger." (Wiki)

Actor Jamie Foxx is back in celluloid-form as the “Big Bad Cop” - last seen as “Ricardo Tubbs” in Michael Mann’s “Miami Vice” (alongside Colin Farrell) - in “Sleepless”, directed by Swiss director Baran bo Odar, and is a remake of the 2011 French thriller “Sleepless Night” (French: “Nuit Blanche”).

Foxx is partnered up with rapper T.I., and as well the movie stars Michelle Monaghan and Gabrielle Union. Scheduled for a 24th February, 2017 premiere in the USA … jazzed to see Foxx as a rough-n-ready law enforcement officer, who skirts the razor-edge of the law!

Here are some more stills from the movie’s IMDb page :)