Personalised Trailers for "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets"

And if you missed my earlier post on Luc Besson’s latest sci-fi spectacle "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" - here’s a headsup about the viral / online promotion they are running alongside the teaser trailer debut, where your COMMENTS (on the official trailer on youtube) is used in an embeddable custom-trailer - like the one seen above!

Valerian Personalised Trailers

Said comment left behind will be used as a “quote” at the beginning of the trailer which follows after. Think of it as a “personalised trailer”, and a nice touch, IMHO.

The one shown is a different comment from my first, made specifically for this post :p

And I’d only discovered they are using Twitter now, with the comment left below, linking to an online URL-site! I reckon they do filter comments, as I’ve read tons of comments left on the youtube trailer that were not used (A comment/reply with a distinct URL will be provided to folks’ “successful” comments).

So now you know.