VTSS Toys Does KUNG FU HUSTLE Collectible Figures?

Having first seen the render before the new year and as well seasonal greetings, VTSS Toys proceeds with their development of characters based on themed similarly on Stephen Chow’s KUNG FU HUSTLE movie! Featured are the 8 key characters - including Sing (with swollen snake-bitten lips), his partner in crime, the Landlady and Landlord of Pig Sty Alley, Beast (with faster than bullet reflexes), and even butt-crack-dude!

And while this is not a licensed product Scheduled for a 2nd quarter release, it would be extremely interesting to see where this leads, and hopefully and eventually a satisfying production of a Eastern-based creation!

What would YOU rather see the figures as? A series of pre-painted PVC non-articulated mini figure sets? Articulated medium sized figures (ala Funko’s “Vinyl Idolz”)? Articulated action figures with removable accessories and higher playability factor? Non-articulated resin statuettes?

As we ponder the toy-possibilities, here’s a re-look at the trailer for this 2004-film, for which remains still one of my all-time favourite Chinese features!

Featured below is the “Knife Scene” sequence, so you’ll have a better understanding of the design seen above - featuring the swollen lips, knife on body, and both hands holding cobras hahahahaha

WIP Renders:

Kung Fu Hustle Three Heroes Fight Scene (English dubbed)

Original Cantonese, no English subs: