“PERO TOVAR” from “The Great Wall” in 1/6th scale from threezero (for Feb 14 Pre-order)

Zhang Yi Mou’s “The Great Wall” feature film see it’s first 1/6th-scaled figure collectible released from three zero to be “PERO TOVAR” (played by actor Pedro Pascal) - scheduled for an online pre-order via www.threezerohk.com starting from February 14th 9:00AM Hong Kong time. Collectible price at threezero Official Website is US$168 / HKD1310 with Worldwide Shipping included in the price.

PERO TOVAR three zero
[ Still images can be viewed HERE on Facebook ]

- Figure stands approximately 12.2” (31cm) tall.
- Collectible figure features the following elements of clothing and accessories: Outer Armor; Lamellar Armor; Cross-chest belt with weapons sheathes; Vambrace; Inner clothes; Waist belt; Pants; Greaves; Boots.
- Variety of weapons include: Sword with scabbard; Scimitar with scabbard; Dagger.
Collectible figure comes with Exchangeable Hands: One pair of fists; One pair of relaxed; One pair for gripping.
*Final product may vary from prototype images

threezero lin mae the great wall

And while we’ve first been teased with an image of PERO in 1/6, followed by “Commander Lin Mae of the Crane Troop” (played by China actress Jing Tian / seen above), since then, a full line-up of characters to be made 1/6th has been unveiled (featured below) - which will also include Andy Lau’s “Strategist Wang”, “Shao, Commander of the Bear Troop” (played by Zhang Hanyu), and “The Emperor” himself! (Played by Wang Junkai). And NO, Matt Damon is not in sight :p

Great Wall teaser v3 final

I’d missed watching the film in the cinemas, which was quite a disappointment, as I’d felt Director Zhang’s and THIS film in particular, NEEDED to be viewed on the big screens, rather than the screen at home, which at this time I have no choice but to … maybe I’ll just sit “closer” to the screen? LOL